best Indian dishes for your health


best Indian dishes for your health


Healthy food means nutritious food. A food which consists of a very small amount of sugar, oil etc can be called healthy food. Healthy food gives us the strength to work in our day to day life.

But most of us knowingly, unknowingly consume foods are that are high in fats and very unhealthy. Packaged food products are required to follow the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) nutrition labelling regulations. These regulations include a definition of the word “healthy.” But are they really healthy though? There is no doubt that organic foods are the healthiest food you can ever eat.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, rice, wheat, etc. are much enriched in various vitamins and proteins. But it is true that most of the food that we are filled with chemicals like formalin, Artificial colour, Nitrites, and Nitrates etc. These really damage our bodies slowly. You will be shocked if you hear the rate of sugar and fat consumption in your daily life and how slowly it is destroying your health. Also, such an amount of sugar and fat causes obesity. This leads to diseases like heart disease, liver diseases, etc. In the UK alone in 2018, 36% of the adult population were overweight and 28% were obese. In UK obesity is a very common problem.

How healthy is Indian food?

Now the question may arise how healthy is Indian food? If we think stereotypically, then Indian foods are considered very oily, sugary and spicy. Can’t deny the fact that many of the Indian dishes actually are very oily. But there is more to that. Most of the traditional Indian foods are not only healthy but also very delicious! The ingredients used in the cooking’s itself are very nutritious. So what are the best Indian dishes for your health?

Indian cuisine is very old. From the very beginning, benefits of Indian food showed that it can help with brain function, immunity and many other functions in the human body. People often are curious whether can you lose weight eating Indian food?. You can find much healthy Indian food for weight loss. Calories in Indian foods vary from dishes to dishes. The Indian vegetable side dishes are really nutritious than you think. As you all know, Indian food contains a lot of grains. The rice and pulse used in Indian dishes contain carbohydrate, protein, vitamins. These really help our body to grow a strong immune system. So, for the nutrients, these are the best Indian dishes for your health.

Are Indian Curries greasy and unhealthy?

India is famous for its curries. The list of curries is so long that it might take a day. But the question is which Curry is healthiest? Or Which Curry has the least calories? The answer is that almost every Indian Curries are healthy. Indian curries can be spicy at times. But there are many recipes for how to make curry less spicy or how to make mild Indian food. When you try Indian Curries with highly spiced Indian rice dish you can feel many flavours at once. Indian curries when cooked right with just enough amount of oils, it becomes a delicious curry with nutrients. The lentils used in curries contain protein, fibre, vitamin B6. Try curries in tomato-based sauces instead of the creamy ones to avoid excessive fats. These types of curries are the best Indian dishes for your health.

Best Indian dishes for your health are also delicious

Tandoori is one of the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine. Its smoky flavour gives you the best feeling. The juiciness of the meat is incomparable. It is cooked in Indian cooking pots or in a thick clay vessel. All the flavours of tandoori come from searing in high temperature, with fire, charcoals, so, unnecessary oils or fats are not used here. Best part? It is delicious! Chicken Dhansak, a Farsi dish made with chicken is very tasty and healthy. Kebabs are another item which is super tasty and is healthy for your body. So, in short the best Indian dishes for your health are very tasty.

You may search for low-calorie Indian food or low-calorie food recipes Indian. The best option is Indian vegetarian dishes. There are varieties of options you can choose from. Aloo Gobi is not only tasty but also nutritious. It’s a low calorie Indian vegetarian food. It is a classic healthy food. Sag Aloo is another item which is super rich with nutrients. Raita, made from natural yoghurt, cucumber, is a source of calcium and it is a low-fat dish. All vegetarian curries are a great source of fibre, zinc and protein, which proves that Indian Cuisine is healthy. Spinach and tomatoes, which are used in Indian cuisine, contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These dishes are the best Indian dishes for your health. If you are looking for the lowest calorie Indian food in restaurant, order from Chillies Indian Restaurant, which is the best Indian takeaway.

Does Indian Cuisine even have Low-calorie food?

If you want low-calorie Indian food, eat dishes which are tomato sauces based, such as jalfrezi and madras, or tandoori-cooked meat? Plain rice and chapatti are very healthy and is healthy Indian food for weight loss. Try eating more lentils based food and vegetables as Indian side dishes.

Foods like samosas, pakoras etc are deep-fried food. So, they are obviously not the best Indian dishes for your health. Other items containing heavy cream, generous amounts of ghee, such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Navratna Korma is also not so healthy. Sugary items like GulabJamuns, Rasgulla etc is definitely a no if you are looking for healthy Indian food for weight loss.

You may now think what is the healthiest Indian food to order? As already mentioned vegetables and lentils are the best options if you are really health conscious. The number of nutrients from fresh vegetables cannot be compared to any other food. If you are looking for the lowest calorie Indian food in a restaurant, order from Chillies Indian Restaurant Cardiff, which is the best Indian takeaway.

There are many healthy Indian food recipes available now on the internet. Dishes like Indian winter soup, Indian Cucumber salad, Indian summer salad, Indian Potato pie, Indian butternut squash curry, Chicken Tikka Skewers, Chicken Jalfrezi, Prawn Jalfrezi, Chana Masala, Low-fat Chicken Biryani, Mint Raita, and Mango Raitaetc are fresh Indian food made easy and are low-calorie Indian food.

Can Indian snacks be healthy?

There are many healthy Indian snacks in Indian cuisine. Chaat Masala is a fun snack. Its tangy flavours are really worth a try. Puffed rice bhel with lots of veggies in it, Chana Chat, Poha with onion, carrots, Vegetable Frankie stuffed with lots of vegetables, Paneer bhurji etc are delicious low-calorie Indian food.

Indian sweets…. and that too healthy?

India is famous for its sweets. There are varieties of sweets and the list is very long. Though most of them are sweet and bit unhealthy, there are also many healthy versions of popular sweets. So, for those who love Indian sweets and have a sweet tooth but also are concerned about their health or weight, you’re in for a treat.  Desserts like low-fat GajarkaHalwa, RaagiSheera, healthy fig Ice cream, eggless date and almond cake, healthy mixed nuts barfi, Jowar Apple sheera recipe, fig and cardamom delight etc are healthier options if you really love sweet and want to stay fit at the same time. Most of these recipes cut out sugar and use other organic ingredients to sweeten the dessert. They also contain lots of nutrients. There are many other healthy Indian sweet recipes. So, try these low calories Indian sweet and desserts recipes. These can also be considered as best Indian dishes for your health.

Indian food for dinner is the best!

Indian foods for dinners are mostly heavy but nutritious. There are Rotis or chapattis or rice with Indian side dishes. High protein dinner such a mutton curry with Indian vegetable side dishes and Rotis, grilled veggies, chickpea pulao, ragi balls with sambhar, vegetable soup etc are the best healthy Indian dinner. If you are looking for the lowest calorie Indian food in a restaurant and the best healthy Indian dinner and best Indian dishes for your health, thenorder from Chillies Indian Restaurant, which is the best Indian restaurants Cardiff.

So, Is Indian food actually unhealthy?

The misconception of Indian food being unhealthy is really unfair to Indian Cuisine. It’s all about the proper amount of fresh ingredients and proper technique of cooking. Indian Cuisine has evolved has a much healthier version of the foods which were once not so nutritious. So, show Indian Cuisine some love and order more Indian food. You can try from Chillies Indian Restaurant which has the best Indian food Cardiff.

Chillies Indian Restaurant has been serving healthy Indian foods for years now. We make sure fresh produces are used in your food and proper hygiene is maintained with safety. We want you to keep loving food the way you do and not stop. So, we make sure we are serving you something healthy.  So, try our food if you are looking for the best healthy Indian dinner. We not only serve the best curry in Cardiff but also the best Indian food Cardiff. We are the best Indian Restaurant Cardiff City center.

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Till then keep smiling!   

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