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Chillies is your favorite takeaway restaurant, serving various delicious dishes from the Indian Cuisine. Chillies Indian Restaurants Cardiff is located on Whitchurch Road Cardiff, it has claimed its place since 2003, and in the Food Industry? Well, let’s just say that it is a singular most proper Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway.


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Why not try Cardiff takeaway at Chillies Cardiff, your local curry house has the main aim of satisfying your taste buds with mouthwatering, exquisites’ and delicious food.

In addition to this, they also do food delivery in Cardiff, so that you won’t have to go places in search of food – the food will come right at your doorstep, in addition to the usual takeaway service.

Take advantage of Chillies Indian food to go, and you can order curries online for a prompt delivery to enjoy the time of your lives!


Chillies is recommended for family gatherings, birthday and anniversaries, and other special occasions – we will be ready to serve you any time.


True and authentic taste of India


As we are one of the best Indian Restaurant Cardiff, our menu consists of a variety of Indian curries to suit your taste buds.


The chef has made the menu simple, precise and exquisite for you to come again and again. The menu consists of a combination of Indian food e.g. chicken tikka korma, chicken tikka masala, chicken madras, chicken pathia recipe, Shahi naan kebab with highly spiced Indian rice dish among the non-vegetarian delicacies are some of the most sought-after dishes in the menu.


Chillies Indian restaurant serves real authentic and traditional exotic food including some special dishes which are a hit with the customers. One of Chillies specialities that are popular with the long-term customers are Tawa, served with chicken, lamb and fish. So do come to eat now!!!!


More About Chillies Cardiff Restaurant


India is, undoubtedly, an exotic country, especially for those Occidental regions. There is always a hubbub about Indian culture and society, with great emphasis given on Indian Cuisine. Obviously, there are restaurants, cafes – and what not! – dedicated to Indian Cuisine all over the World. And now, a new one has jumped up the wagon – Chillies, Cardiff.

Based in the city of Cardiff, United Kingdom, it is a takeaway and serves and delivers, primarily, dishes from Indian Cuisine. It was established during the turn of the century, in 2003, and has been growing to popularity since then. The chef has the 20-year-long experience and is also one of the sources for its popularity.

If you are looking for a buffet Cardiff, Chillies Indian Restaurant caters Sunday buffet and has been famous since it has started out.

The menu is properly curated, from where you can choose from a vast array of traditional curries, specials masala’s, biryani’s and lots more – with regular, long-term customers always insisting on getting the Tawa, served usually with Chicken, fish, and/or lamb. Chicken pasanda, Tandoori Shaslik is something one should definitely try, come and eat now, as there is a touch of Indian spices, elevating it to a different level.

The menu is divided, with Chillies to go menu different from the normal menu. The meals are available in both, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian, quite an advantage. Chillies menu prices are something adequately pocket friendly, with the average cost being £15 per person. What’s more! Chillies even offer you attractive price deals, such as student discount, seasonal offers, as well as menu specials, during special days.

One doesn’t even have to think about Chillies cook-off, as it is obviously edible as well as Chillies nutrition is something you can never question. Even the Chillies drink menu is handpicked and properly looked into, so that the quality, as well as the integrity, is never into question. There are even Chillies Sunday buffet Cardiff.

The red Chilli is used for the most aromatic flavour. Chillies rewards – all of which one would get proper benefit from, once they commit to Chilies and make themselves familiar with it.

With many new restaurants Cardiff, you have one of the best Indian takeaways with food delivery Cardiff, Chillies is open every day. It might not be available during lunchtime hours, but they are available to hold and provide to private parties, including birthdays and anniversaries or meetings. And what’s more? They will deliver you the dish just the way you want it!

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Chillies is a touch of exotic from the true gems of India, Chillies prove to be one of the perfect options for you, when you crave to eat something spicy and totally different from your usual food endeavors. As for the Indians living there, it will be a nostalgically pleasant surprise, to get the same taste, mouthwatering and delicious, right in the heart of Cardiff, UK. Chillies delivery is a lot more efficient and quicker, which is saying something!


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