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Take away menu

Food Name Price

Chicken kohlapuri

Hot and Spicy Chicken dish Prepared with tumeric ,cumin and green chillies

 £ 7.25

Chicken jaipuri

Hot and Spicy Chicken dish ,Prepared with onions ,green peppers and tomatoes

 £ 7.50

Murgi Masalla

Pieces of Tandoori Chicken ,cooked with minced meat served in a thick spicy sauce.

 £ 6.75

Anamika Chicken or Lamb 

Marinated chicken or lamb  roasted in clay oven ,cooked with onions ,green peppers ,tomatoes mushrooms served in special thick spicy sauce mild to medium.

 £ 7.50

Anarkoli Bahar

Mild dish ,prepared with pieces of Chicken Tikka ,Fried green peppers onions tomatoes with cream ,almonds and coconut.

 £ 6.95

Coriander Chicken

Breast of Chicken Fillets ,cooked with fresh ground coriander and a touch of  different


 £ 5.25

Methi Ghust

Medium spices prepared with Lamb & Methi Leaves

 £ 5.25

Garlic Chilli Chicken

Cooked with fresh garlic ,green chilli onions & tomatoes

 £ 6.50

Ginger chicken or Lmab

Chicken  or lamb cooked with fresh ginger,herbs and spices, onions ,tomatoes and green pepper medium spice

 £ 6.50

Khorci Lamb

Pieces of Lamb Tikka ,Cooked with minced meat and potato , Served in a thick spicy sauce.

 £ 7.50

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masalla

 £ 6.50

Chicken or Lamb Pasanda (Mild)

 £ 6.50

Chicken Makhani

 £ 6.50

Butter Chicken (Mild)

 £ 6.50

Chicken Tikka Bhuna Special

 £ 6.50

Lamb Tikka Bhuna Special

 £ 6.50

Korhai Chicken/Lamb

 £ 6.50

Handi Chicken or Lamb Spinach

Served in Special dish with spinach cover By plane nan or garlic nan / Idel For dinning

 £ 7395

Mugol Chicken

Clay oven cock means meat in Chicken Roll In Creamy medium to mild sauce or your choice

 £ 7.50

Captain Palila

Special spice marinated chicken or lamb cooked with garden mint and green chilli(very hot and spicy)

 £ 6.95

Moni Puri Chicken

Marinated chicken cooked with spring onion with special spice (medium to hot)

 £ 6.95

Naga Jolokia Chicken

Fine cut onion , fresh hottest chilli pepper cooked in thick spicy sauce, green chilli, touch of different spices

 £ 6.50

Chicken Jalfrezi

 £ 6.50

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